When will the Antminer S9 be phased out (s9h Antminer)

When will the Antminer S9 be phased out? According to Antminer\’s blockchain, Bi

When will the Antminer S9 be phased out (s9h Antminer)

When will the Antminer S9 be phased out? According to Antminer’s blockchain, Bitcoin is currently the most underestimated technological area. On December 17, 2017, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper titled “The Bitcoin: A New Chapter,” proposing a new concept called “Bitcoin.” However, it no longer has any practical value, such as its use in payment, finance, and other businesses. The invention of this technology has not been successful in a real sense. “Bitcoin,” translated into Chinese, is the abbreviation of bitcurrency.

From this definition, “Bitcoin” is a decentralized system that stores transaction records in a group of encrypted private keys within a computer network, enabling operations such as instant messaging and exchange between electronic cash. Therefore, Bitcoin’s total supply is limited, and it cannot achieve unlimited expansion. The maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21 million, and the mining difficulty is only about 10 Gwei. So, what causes the price of Bitcoin to rise? As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, the entire market is gradually moving towards a downward trend, and the demand for Bitcoin will also increase.

If the previous consensus mechanism made the price of Bitcoin more stable, the current consensus algorithm has turned Bitcoin into an asset that can be transferred at any time or a new form of currency to store them. However, this model does not solve the problem, so when the price of Bitcoin falls, Bitcoin will continue to remain anchored, making Bitcoin a more reliable substitute. Moreover, Bitcoin itself is based on its native token BTC and has always been its cornerstone, just like gold. The price of Bitcoin has been declining, but there has been a significant upward trend in the last year, which also means that many investors in the market are looking for better investment targets. Why does this happen? Many people think that the price of Bitcoin will quickly fall back, which is one of the reasons for the rise in the price of Bitcoin. In fact, we can see that the continuous rise in the price of Bitcoin is mainly due to the effect of Bitcoin halving. But when will Bitcoin be phased out for most people who do not understand what Bitcoin is? In fact, not everyone knows that Bitcoin will change after halving, but everyone is aware of these changes. So what we should pay attention to is that although some companies are considering launching their own new products or services, including enterprises like IBM, which are researching various solutions, Bitcoin will eventually die and there will be no other innovation.

s9h Antminer

The “s9h” technology of Antminer is an intelligent hardware based on blockchain technology, which currently supports cross-client communication and transmission between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron public chain networks.

In the days leading up to the official launch of the S19H Antminer mainnet (from July to the end of August 2018), we saw more and more people paying attention to the application scenarios of this technology because it is suitable for large-scale deployment. However, due to performance issues, it runs slowly and brings many problems. For example, how to solve data attacks through node communication, etc. All of these need to use blockchain technology to ensure security and stability, and also meet other requirements such as consensus rules to achieve this function.

Therefore, from this perspective, if one wants to become a validator or participate in mining, the simplest way is to choose a machine with a lower probability of winning to conduct transactions. Of course, many people do not have confidence in such equipment, but they actually prefer to complete operations in a relatively short time – just a few minutes or even one or two hours. And there are also some people who may think that now is the time for the price of the next Bitcoin to rise.

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