New AI Tool from Oncyber Allows for Customization of Virtual Environment

New AI Tool from Oncyber Allows for Customization of Virtual Environment

According to reports, Oncyber, the Web3 meta universe platform, has revealed that it has developed an artificial intelligence tool called Magic Composer that allows users to customize their environment through text commands. By putting a line of text into Magic Composer, Oncyber can automatically change the appearance and color of the sky, place artists’ NFT works from a connected encrypted wallet, customize the appearance and size of photo frames in the world, and more. Oncyber plans to launch AI tools to a selected group of testers starting on Monday, March 20th.

The Oncyber launch AI tool allows users to customize NFT

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Oncyber has announced the development of a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Magic Composer, which will allow users to customize their virtual environment through text commands. This feature is facilitated through the Web3 meta universe platform, which will enable users to make changes in real-time.

According to the reports, Magic Composer will allow users to make changes to the appearance and colour of the sky, to display NFT works from an encrypted wallet, and to manipulate the size and appearance of photo frames. This level of customization suggests that users will have unprecedented control over their virtual environment.

While few specific details are available about the technical mechanics of Magic Composer, the press release does indicate that the tool will use AI to execute commands from text inputs. This adds a level of convenience to the user experience, as users will not need to navigate any menus or options to facilitate changes. The process will be streamlined, and changes to the environment will be automatically executed through the AI tool.

This development has high stakes in the virtual environment ecosystem, as customization is a key factor in user engagement. Users who are satisfied with their environment and feel a sense of ownership over it are more likely to engage with virtual platforms over longer periods of time. As such, the success of Magic Composer could be a major factor in the success of the Oncyber platform as a whole.

Oncyber plans to launch the tool to a selected group of testers on March 20th, 2022. This strategy is standard in the software development sphere, as it allows for bugs and issues to be detected and resolved before widespread adoption. Given the attention and excitement surrounding the platform, it is likely that the testing phase will generate considerable buzz amongst the tech community.

Overall, the launch of Magic Composer suggests that Oncyber is making strides towards establishing itself as a key player in the virtual environment ecosystem. The ability to quickly and easily customize virtual environments through AI tools has the potential to drive user engagement and satisfaction, and could drive further innovation in the field.

Title: Oncyber Unveils AI Tool to Customize Virtual Environment

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