When is the Vietnamese currency (Vietnamese Coin)?,

When is the Vietnamese currency? Editor\’s note: This article is from the Wind a

When is the Vietnamese currency (Vietnamese Coin)?,

When is the Vietnamese currency? Editor’s note: This article is from the Wind and Fire Wheel Community (ID: FHBT18), author: Peipei, authorized reproduction from Odaily Star Daily.

Hello everyone! I’m Peipei. When is the Vietnamese currency? Recently, I saw a Weibo user saying “I dare not look at Bitcoin anymore.” But isn’t this just a joke? After all, there are too many people in this group, and most of the time they still want to pursue their own projects. In fact, the most profitable people in the coin circle are those who are cut as leeks. Many people think that this is the time when the rats in the warehouse are cutting meat and arbitrage, and it has already started the game of money between hedge funds and big players. In fact, these people’s contracts are also a platform controlled by Ethereum’s founder V God. Then they exchange all the chips in their hands for ETH for whitewashing and market making. But no matter what, this kind of thing will eventually lose everything, just like we said before: “Now everyone is buying, and there will be new players entering tomorrow.” But what if there are no new participants? There may still be many friends asking me if I want to take over. I don’t think there is anything to worry about. Because in the mainstream currency market now, it is mainly dominated by institutional investors and retail investors, and they also enter in batches through various channels. So basically, as long as you do it yourself, you can go mining and get benefits, such as hotspots like Defi today, or similar projects. Your investment returns will definitely be different. As for whether there is a way to run away, you can only rely on other people’s stories of becoming rich overnight. “How smart you are!” This sentence sounds quite vivid.

In the past, many exchanges relied on capital to manipulate the rise and fall of the big cake, and directly pushed the currency with a few hundred dollars to the highest point of over 5,000 US dollars. Now it has doubled back 20%, which is really a shocking secret. I don’t know how many fans you still have. I guess most people are not very clear. Later, with various news constantly coming out, there are many shanzhai coins appearing in the market, and some even have some larger imitation plates. For example, yesterday I posted an article about the “madness of DeFi” and “what is DeFi”. It mentioned that “Uniswap has launched liquidity pools, which can be used for cashing and lending functions, and has locked more than 1 million tokens.” In short, the market since the second half of last year has indeed made more and more people optimistic about the development of DeFi, especially Ethereum. However, for DeFi, there is still some concern, after all, many things before, such as lending, DEX, etc., they have their own gameplay, but the actual situation is completely different. It is just a very complicated product. Of course, be aware that if you think the higher the speculation, it is probably difficult to imagine what will happen in the future. (Note: This content is for reference only and should not be used as investment advice)

Complete collection of Vietnamese coin denominations

Image: Complete collection of Vietnamese coin denominations

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