What machine has a high hash rate for Dash? Is Dash worth investing in?

What machine has a high hash rate for Dash? What machine has a high hash rate f

What machine has a high hash rate for Dash? Is Dash worth investing in?

What machine has a high hash rate for Dash? What machine has a high hash rate for Dash? In Bitcoin, a block is a hash value and timestamp that processes 6 transactions per second (the most commonly used network on the Ethereum network is txhash). If you want to make a large transfer, you need to wait for more than 12 hours to complete the transaction, which can be considered a quite long period of time. Therefore, in order to improve Bitcoin mining efficiency and reduce costs, we have introduced a cryptocurrency mining machine called “R8S5” with advanced chip design, special working proof mechanism, and unique ASIC technology to protect the security and privacy of digital assets.

Currently, there are many hard disk mining programs on the market that use R9S5, but these software programs do not truly leverage blockchain technology. They only become one of the more efficient and resistant to 51% attack technologies compared to BTC through some simple code modifications. According to reports, the operation of this new machine is as follows: the block reward is calculated to be about $50 based on the current price of Bitcoin. Due to the high hash power and significant price fluctuations of this machine, it is very suitable for small-scale mining; it also provides a large number of utility tokens for off-exchange sales of goods and services.

Is Dash worth investing in?

In recent times, the price of Dash has experienced a significant increase in a short period of time. From its historical performance, its price has exceeded the highest price of $200, which corresponds to various problems currently present in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, investors should pay more attention to its trend and potential.

According to Coinmarketcap data, the cumulative increase of Dash since 2019 has exceeded four times. Since January 2020, the total market value of Dash has reached nearly $8 billion. (Note: Dash is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network). As of February 28, 2020, the Dash platform token is priced at $0.087; the trading volume in the past 24 hours is approximately 3.13 billion RMB.

According to Coindesk, Dash founder BM announced his investment in the Dash project in late October 2018 and development began at the end of 2017. Shortly after, Dash was listed by the SEC as a securities regulatory agency and became the first officially registered new Bitcoin company in the United States. Multiple attempts at equity financing have since been made in early 2019.

Although the valuation of Dash has declined, some analysis points out that Dash still has high investment value. If bought at this price, Dash can bring substantial profits.

In addition, since no government agency directly participates in the development of Dash, it is not suitable for speculative investment as an asset class. This type of investment often leads funds to smaller blockchain companies or teams, and these companies usually cannot attract a large amount of funds to enter the blockchain industry and establish their own business models. However, Dash also conforms to the “mining” model adopted by most digital currency exchanges.

So is Dash worth holding for long-term investors? I believe it will not generate returns. But personally, I expect that there may be some new tokens listed in the next year. Of course, I am not optimistic about the development prospects of Dash. I recommend everyone not to chase after high prices excessively or to allocate cautiously. (I am the author Huang Xuejiao, exploring the real blockchain. To seek coverage of high-quality blockchain projects, please add my WeChat hxjiapg and provide your position and reason for contact).

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