What is Miami Coin (Latest News about Miami Coin)

What is Miami Coin? Editor\’s note: This article is from Zhi Kuang University (I

What is Miami Coin (Latest News about Miami Coin)

What is Miami Coin? Editor’s note: This article is from Zhi Kuang University (ID: gh_37c9e0aaf00a) and is authorized to be reproduced by Odaily Planet Daily.

What is Miami Coin? How did it come about? Literally, its full name is The Miami Coin (referred to as “the American coin”), and the Chinese name of the project is The Miami Coin (Bitcoin). It is said that this project was created by former US President Donald Trump in 2013. According to the official website, Miami Coin can be referred to as “the US dollar.” But it is important to know that it is issued and circulated in digital form, and this cryptocurrency is not compatible with the Chinese yuan.

If it is understood as the legal currency of a country, it is actually a type of cryptocurrency. This means that it is a national legal currency, a virtual commodity, or one of the currencies in a basket of currencies. “How much can you buy with it?” people ask, “Do these currencies really exist on our network?” But in fact, it is not that simple. “I only need to use my phone to pay with them,” is the pronoun that has appeared for the first time since the birth of Bitcoin. However, now there are some other mainstream companies that are also starting to try to launch their own blockchain applications, such as a recent initial version called DFINITY.IO – DFINITY.IO.

Of course, since DFINITY.IO itself does not have any practical application scenarios, it is difficult to have such a platform. However, some encrypted exchanges in the market are actively exploring similar development prospects. For example, trading platforms such as Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Bittrex have expressed support for this initiative and are developing decentralized exchange platforms based on Ethereum blockchain technology. However, the so-called DEX platforms may not necessarily be successful in attracting users.

In addition, some exchanges have also announced that they will soon release a series of DeFi products for investors to purchase, including highly liquid projects such as Uniswap. For example, Binance Labs has announced that it will launch the token in the coming months; in addition, Coinbase has confirmed that its DeFi service on the platform has been deployed.

Latest News about Miami Coin

Miami Coin is the third largest blockchain project in Miami, following Ethereum (ETH). According to official sources, the development team of the project officially launched its founding company, Miami Digital Assets Inc., in November 2018. According to the announcement, this new funding will be used to develop Miami Coin’s business model and community governance work. Previously, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, expressed his desire to make Bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

It is reported that Miami Coin is a new decentralized trading platform based on blockchain technology, aiming to provide a convenient and secure way for global users to trade, store, and pay, and to make the whole process more transparent and traceable. It can also ensure the security and integrity of the network through smart contracts. (Cointelegraph)

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