What is the purpose of finance (Finance Introduction)

What is the purpose of finance? Simply put, it serves as a platform. For exampl

What is the purpose of finance (Finance Introduction)

What is the purpose of finance? Simply put, it serves as a platform. For example, if our WeChat official account or Weibo gets hacked, then in the blockchain industry, everyone would know that there has been a huge change in the cryptocurrency market!

Therefore, in reality, there is not much connection between exchanges and project parties. Apart from financial scams, it also involves influential individuals and KOLs.

However, during this process, there is a very important point to pay attention to, which is to focus on the reality of these projects. In other words, they need to pay attention to the reason why people are so enthusiastic about it, rather than just the rise and fall of Bitcoin. Because many people believe that there is “financial” support behind this behavior. So what exactly is cryptocurrency? What causes its value? Without enough information to explain clearly, it is impossible to determine which assets are real money.

For many investors, they do not know how to distinguish whether a certain digital token really belongs to a specific type of trading product (or simply speculation). Therefore, we need to be aware of this, as we have also seen many speculative phenomena:

First, market manipulation. From the perspective of traditional media, it is difficult for people to judge its true essence;

Second, regulatory arbitrage. According to the “Securities Law,” any listed company can engage in activities related to stock issuance, but must comply with laws and regulations and take corresponding responsibilities;

Third, illegal fundraising or fraud. As long as you have a legal and compliant basic information network, you can engage in all kinds of financial illegal activities anytime, anywhere. This is a typical scam:

When someone obtains a huge amount of wealth through various means, they often convert their financial documents into fake ones and then sell their assets to other people. Once fraudulent incidents occur, it can cause serious economic losses. Moreover, given the current situation, most ICOs will die due to illegal activities such as money laundering;

Fourth, pyramid schemes and fraud. The most common saying, as far as I know, is scam.

In general, “leeks” and “market makers” are essentially advertising and making money for themselves, spending a lot of human and material resources to obtain profits. When investors want to invest, they usually do so by charging a certain commission in exchange for high returns, thereby making more profits. This is normal market operation behavior.

About the Introduction

About the Introduction: The purpose of blockchain project parties is to serve the interests of the entire industry. In the era of the Internet, we can see many excellent companies or organizations innovating and experimenting, but there are also some problems in this process. For example, public chains like EOS and TRX have poor performance and cannot meet the needs of users’ transactions. At the same time, various security risks caused by the decline in token prices make the industry’s development increasingly difficult, so stronger regulation is needed.

From the current development situation, although there are many excellent companies or institutions participating in this field, the growth of these startups has not met expectations, so it is more appropriate to make everyone more aware of this field.

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