Flying in the Sky, I am the Divine Eagle Hero

Flying in the Sky, I am the Divine Eagle Hero. This is a unique gameplay in th

Flying in the Sky, I am the Divine Eagle Hero. This is a unique gameplay in the game Divine Eagle Romance, which I will introduce to you one by one.

Flying in the Sky: Flying in the Sky is a new PVE activity dungeon in “Divine Eagle Romance”. In this activity, players need to challenge levels to receive rewards. After successful challenges, they will receive different amounts of star fragments and various equipment crafting materials based on the level of completion and rating.

This activity can be challenged once a day. When clearing a certain level, the system will automatically assign a lineup for the players.

Flying Ascension Pill: After use, it can provide a large amount of experience rewards after battles.

Cultivation Fruit: After use, it can provide a large amount of cultivation value rewards after victorious battles.

Flying Spirit Stone: After use, it can provide a large attribute bonus after victorious battles.

This is all about Flying in the Sky. For more strategy information, please visit 2345 Software.

Divine Eagle Romance, the Love of Divine Eagle Heroes

The mobile game “Divine Eagle Romance” is officially authorized by Jin Yong’s martial arts novel, adapted from the classic world view of Gu Long’s pen. The game highly restores the sect characters from the original work, not only including many well-known martial arts characters to play, but also introducing original lightwork system, mount cultivation, and other rich gameplay. At the same time, many innovations have been made in the graphics, allowing players to experience the most realistic and exciting PK competitive fun!

[About Marriage]

Marriage is an essential part of any game and one of the main ways to improve one’s strength. “Divine Eagle Romance” is a highly free 3D MMORPG based on Chinese traditional martial arts. As an open-ended combat role-playing game, “Divine Eagle Romance” has many unique social interaction gameplay.

[About Love]

“Divine Eagle Romance” has various love relationships, and each character has their own special abilities and strengths. Players can choose suitable partners based on their preferences and professional positioning for strategies. At the same time, players can also form brotherhood bonds with other players through gift-giving, team dungeons, and other methods, exploring the three realms together and experiencing a romantic love feast! Besides fighting alongside real-life friends, “Divine Eagle Romance” also has many exciting storylines and plots waiting for everyone to explore.

[About Factions]

“Divine Eagle Romance” has four major factions: Beggar’s Sect, Esoteric Sect, and Mount Hua. Each faction has different powers and strengths. Players can choose to join the corresponding faction based on their preferences or preferences.

[About Equipment]: Players can enhance and refine equipment to improve their attributes. Different equipment in different slots provide different attribute bonuses. There are six major categories of equipment in the game: weapons (blades), clothes (armor), and wristbands (swords), with weapons mainly increasing attack power, armor mainly increasing defense and HP, jewelry mainly increasing accuracy, and critical strike, divine weapons mainly increasing internal power and attack intensity, pets mainly increasing internal attack and defense, secret books mainly increasing HP and defense, and the chivalry list offers a large number of precious item rewards.

That’s all the content of the mobile game “Divine Eagle Romance” that I introduced. Please continue to stay tuned if you are interested.

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