Mysterious Green Room, Can you escape in the darkness? (Escape Room: Brave the hidden puzzles in the deep green room!)

Mysterious Green Room, Can you escape in the darkness? (Escape Room: Brave the h

Mysterious Green Room, Can you escape in the darkness? (Escape Room: Brave the hidden puzzles in the deep green room!) Mysterious Green Room, Can you escape in the darkness? Brave the hidden puzzles in the deep green room 《Escape Room: Brave the deep green room’s hidden puzzles 》. Hello everyone, the editor brings you this guide.

1. Level 1

This room is very eerie, there’s a safe with “M” written on it, but we carefully noticed that there’s a small box inside. Opening it reveals a knife and a key. After obtaining them, you can proceed to the second door.

2. Level 2

This room is a very sinister and terrifying place, with two floor tiles and four wooden boards in the middle. There’s a painting on the wooden boards, combining them forms the correct pattern. Then, according to the previous hints, swap the colors and activate the mechanism, obtaining a flashlight to illuminate the path ahead.

3. Level 3

Upon entering the first scene, a tablecloth can be seen. Click on the bookshelf on the right wall to find a newspaper inside. Take note of it. Then, click on the drawer next to the bedside table to find a pen. Use the pen to clean the desk lamp. Behind the desk lamp, you can find a half piece of a note that is part of the letter “I”. Then, adjust the time according to the calendar’s instructions to 1-2 minutes (i.e. 3 minutes and 15 seconds), to open the final safe.

4. Level 4

After entering the fourth scene, you will find an iron rod on the ground. Pick it up to open the curtains. Then, take the circular button at the bottom left corner of the table and place it in the circle hole, obtaining a clue. According to the clue, arrange the three beads in such a way to open the window and obtain half of a red arrow. (PS: If you did not click on half the arrow, it means you missed many opportunities).

Escape Room: Brave the hidden puzzles in the deep green room!

Escape Room is a very fun game with many interesting puzzles. Now, let’s take a look at what secrets the third level of this game holds. Actually, the second room in this game is relatively easy to pass. Players need to find the password to proceed smoothly.

In the last room of Chapter 3, there is a box that players need to open to unlock the lock. After opening it, there are two items inside: a battery and a flashlight. The battery is used to charge the flashlight, which is used for illumination.

In Level 3, there is a small door that requires a key to open. After opening it, there are three items inside: a gun, a hammer, and a potion.

Gun: This is used in the left box to smash the pipe above; Hammer: This is used on the stick on the right table, and it can knock off the paper on the middle row of barrels; Potion: Used to find a bottle of drink (red wine) in the box; All three items are placed on the table.

After obtaining these two items, players can go to another location, where there is a knife blade hanging on the wall. Use the knife to cut it off. Then, a red disc will be found on the ground. The shape is obvious, it’s the wheel that needs to be taken. Use the wheel to open the red disc, and you will see the prompt: You must step on the black block to illuminate it and open the door.

So, this level is actually not that difficult, but often requires players to observe carefully to pass successfully.

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