The Mythical Skills of FGO Musashi Miyamoto Decrypted! (Perfect Balance and Powerful Output! FGO Musashi Miyamoto is definitely your first choice!)

FGO Musashi Miyamoto\’s Mythical Skills Decrypted! (Perfect Balance and Powerfu

FGO Musashi Miyamoto’s Mythical Skills Decrypted! (Perfect Balance and Powerful Output! FGO Musashi Miyamoto is definitely your first choice!) FGO Musashi Miyamoto’s Mythical Skills Decrypted! What are the mythical skills of FGO Musashi Miyamoto? FGO Musashi Miyamoto is a new servant recently implemented in the game, so what is his Noble Phantasm like? Let’s take a look.FGO Musashi Miyamoto’s Mythical Skills!1. First Skill [Infinity Sword Dance]Effect: Inflict a super powerful attack on a single enemy [increases in effect with Noble Phantasm upgrades], decrease critical rate (1 turn), decrease critical damage (3 turns)Analysis: Simply put, it grants oneself the “evade” status for one turn. If evaded during a battle, it gains 3 times the evade status, while if it is killed by a critical hit during battle, it gains 5 times the evade status.2. Second Skill [Mystic Eyes]Effect: Decrease defense of all enemies (3 turns), increase own defense (1 turn).Analysis: A simple skill, but may not be very useful for players, as the enemy’s decreased defense effect will not work. However, it is very helpful for increasing Noble Phantasm damage, as it can stack.3. Third Skill [Dragon Fang]Effect: Inflict a powerful attack on a single enemy, increase critical star absorption (3 turns) + increase attack (3 turns)Analysis: A very practical skill, but it only deals damage with critical hits, so it is not very suitable as a main output. However, it is a good choice for battles in the story.4. Class Skill [Tenmoku Chawan]: When Musashi is on the field, increase Buster card effectiveness of all allies (1 turn) + increase own Arts card effectiveness (1 turn).Perfect Balance and Powerful Output! FGO Musashi Miyamoto is definitely your first choice!In Fate/Grand Order, Musashi Miyamoto has always been a heroic spirit with powerful output. As one of the most popular berserker-class servants in the game, he has high critical damage and Noble Phantasm burst ability, as well as excellent survivability, making him loved by players. However, as the story develops, many characters’ skills and attributes have been strengthened. Now, let’s introduce Musashi Miyamoto to everyone!I. Battle PositioningAs a berserker, Musashi’s battle positioning is very comprehensive: high critical damage, Noble Phantasm output, survivability, and endurance. He has excellent attack growth and decent HP growth. Although he is a single-target servant, he has a high critical rate and powerful Noble Phantasm burst, resulting in significant damage. Moreover, his Noble Phantasm damage is quite considerable.II. Advantages and DisadvantagesMusashi Miyamoto’s disadvantage is his low HP and lack of powerful control skills like invincibility penetration, thus his survivability is average. At the same time, he lacks any healing or evasion skills, so if he is at a disadvantage in battle, he can easily fall into a prolonged battle, leading to decreased damage.III. Team CompositionMusashi’s positioning in the team is berserker + attacker + support. As a berserker swordsman, he has excellent attack growth and high critical damage. Also, due to his high HP, he can provide a good damage environment and endurance when facing solo opponents. Additionally, Musashi’s Noble Phantasm burst damage is formidable. Furthermore, Musashi’s card deck has good NP gain capability, so he can quickly accumulate stars or consecutive NPs using his NP skill. His critical damage is also quite strong, allowing him to directly defeat opponents with high burst damage.IV. Battle Tactics1. Against a single enemy, before the battle starts, accumulate critical stars through continuous normal attacks. Once a certain amount of critical stars is accumulated, use Musashi’s own red buff or other effects to deal explosive damage, quickly defeating the opponent. If the enemy has a charging time before the critical hit occurs, multiple outputs can be performed using skills, easily ensuring victory.2. When facing multi-health bar bosses, it is recommended to bring servants with skills that have invincibility penetration or ignore defense, such as Lu Bu Fengxian.3. When facing high HP enemies, as they have evasion skills, use Musashi’s skills to quickly remove the boss’s invincibility state and counterattack using his invincibility penetration skill, or quickly defeat the boss with his high burst damage during the battle.V. ConclusionMusashi Miyamoto’s performance in the game is excellent. His Noble Phantasm damage is terrifying, and his survivability is also very good. However, due to the special nature of his skills, it is important to pay attention to his endurance in battle to ensure his output capability.

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