Swordsman’s Chronicles: Three Secrets to Becoming a Gift-giving Expert! (Master the art of gift-giving and add more charm to Swordsman’s Chronicles!)

Swordsman\’s Chronicles: Three Secrets to Becoming a Gift-giving Expert! (Master

Swordsman’s Chronicles: Three Secrets to Becoming a Gift-giving Expert! (Master the art of gift-giving and add more charm to Swordsman’s Chronicles!) Swordsman’s Chronicles: Three Secrets to Becoming a Gift-giving Expert!

In the game, you can give gifts to your characters, and giving the right gifts will increase their favorability.

The first method is to give an NPC items they like, such as wine, peanuts, roses, etc.

The second method is to give them specific items, such as Tian Mountain Snow Lotus (Baiyun Fairy). If you don’t have the corresponding materials, you won’t trigger the subsequent storyline. However, the gifted items are fixed and won’t appear repeatedly, so you can keep giving them.

The third method is to give any NPC items they like, such as wooden swords, snake gallbladders, etc. If you give them what they want, you will gain favorability.

Playing with gift-giving skills adds more charm to Swordsman’s Chronicles!

In the game, there is a gift-giving system among the characters. Giving gifts can increase favorability. But not all characters will receive gifts. Let me explain to you.

During battles, characters will automatically give gifts they like to enemy characters. Characters will choose different gifts to give. If you give the wrong character, it will lower their favorability.

In the game, there are many ways to gain favorability. Besides daily free draws, we can also buy various items from the store to increase favorability. Of course, the simplest way is to clear story dungeons and gain a large amount of favorability after winning the challenge. When favorability reaches a certain level, more gameplay options will be unlocked, such as character biographies and the journey through the rivers and lakes.

In addition to giving gifts, the in-game store also offers many gift packs and activities to exchange for various items. The most eye-catching one is the limited-time “Fate Searching” event, where we can randomly obtain purple or higher quality character fragments, equipment, materials, etc. However, it’s important to note that only during the event period, it’s possible to refresh the desired items.

Increasing favorability is crucial for our strength. In the mobile game Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, a character’s level is directly proportional to their intimacy level. The higher the favorability between characters, the greater their intimacy.

Favorability between characters can be increased through breakthroughs and advancements. Breakthroughs require consuming true qi, while advancements require consuming Spirit Essence Pills. Characters can go through a breakthrough every 5 levels, gaining a significant increase in their base attributes and learning new talents.

As characters continue to break through and advance, their talents will also awaken, making them even more powerful.

Of course, besides gift-giving, the game also has a powerful companion system. Unlocking companions requires collecting specific character cards, and different types of character cards have special relationship deepening effects between them.

In addition, when a character’s favorability reaches a certain value, corresponding achievements can be unlocked, resulting in additional rewards. This includes doubled chivalry points, gold coins, and silver ingots. Furthermore, when the favorability with a certain character reaches a certain amount, you can open the destiny treasure chest to obtain generous rewards.

Above are some tips on how to give gifts.

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