Exciting and Thrilling Extreme Rally Race, Challenge Speed and Passion! (Pursue ultimate control, experience the thrill of wild rally racing!)

Exciting and thrilling extreme rally race, challenge speed and passion! (Pursue

Exciting and thrilling extreme rally race, challenge speed and passion! (Pursue ultimate control, experience the thrill of wild rally racing!) Exciting and thrilling extreme rally race, challenge speed and passion!

This is a game that tests players’ skills! Do you want to be the best in the wild race track? Do you want to achieve better results in the extreme rally race? What are you waiting for! Come and experience it now!

Start time: December 13, 2020 12:00 – January 4, 2021 23:59 (estimated)

Competition introduction:

1. Match mode, 20 players per game;

2. Competition rules: in each game, 3 players per team, a total of 6 teams, and a total of 8 teams for each team.

3. Matching rules: teammates who die within a round can enter the next round of the game, but they can no longer be eliminated until all teams are defeated or the game ends.

4. Reward description: players will receive corresponding rewards based on their scores in the game.

5. Competition settlement method: After the competition ends, players can check the ranking of this competition on the “leaderboard” interface. The top 50 players will receive generous rewards!

“Exciting and thrilling extreme rally race” is a multiplayer online competitive gameplay that is very suitable for mobile game users to enjoy the thrilling and exciting atmosphere of the game.

Above is the exciting and thrilling extreme rally race, challenging speed and passion! Experience the thrill of wild rally racing!

Pursue ultimate control, experience the thrill of wild rally racing!

“Wild Rally Race” is a 3v3 battle mobile game launched by Fist Company, which uses gameplay similar to DOTA and LOL. In battles, players need to control the skills between heroes to deal high damage and experience the refreshing and thrilling operation feel through the features of skill release and short cooldown time; during battles, players can freely switch hero roles for attack. In addition, players can also experience the excitement brought by ultimate control in the game!

To bring a more exciting experience to enthusiasts of competitive brawl modes, “Wild Rally Race” (Knight of War) also prepares a super fun new game mode for our beloved brawl mode fans! In the game, players can choose the way they want to play, and then improve their skills through the battle mode, while enjoying more exciting and fun game content!

【How to enter the wild rally race? 】

First, players need to click the “Event” button at the bottom of the main page and select the “Wild Rally Race” (KnageoftheBattle) to view the current game version.

The wild rally race currently has three modes: normal competition, ranking competition, and peak competition.

【How to get first place in the peak competition? 】

Players can earn points by completing daily tasks. When your points accumulate to a certain value, you will be able to receive rewards for second place in the peak competition.

In the wild rally race, as long as players get in the top three, they can qualify for the promotion playoffs. In the promotion playoffs, players can also team up with players of the same level, and after forming a team of five people, they can enter the peak competition competition.

The rewards for promotion in the peak competition are based on the player’s rank, while the ranking in the ranking competition determines the player’s rank. Therefore, if players want to get promoted, they should strive to become the star of glory!

【How to improve your game skills? 】

In the game’s settings interface, click the “One-click Pickup” at the bottom.

The operation modes in the wild rally race are divided into two types: normal mode and hero mode. Players need to set their skills and rune attributes before the battle starts, so that they can release their cool combos during the battle.

【How to achieve a higher win rate in the wild rally race? 】

The victory condition in the wild rally race is to defeat the opponent and win the game in 10 minutes. In the wild rally race, the player’s winning condition is to destroy the opponent’s base. Therefore, players should try to get more time and money. At the end of the game, try to get more gold coins. In the competition, try to get more gold bars.

In the wild rally race, players can not only experience more exciting gameplay, but also experience more different fun battle experiences!

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