Experience the Challenge of Room Escape 13: Dark City and Test Your Intelligence Limit! (Exciting and Thrilling Escape Game Experience in Dark City!)

Experience the challenge of Room Escape 13: Dark City and test your intelligenc

Experience the challenge of Room Escape 13: Dark City and test your intelligence limit! (Exciting and thrilling escape game experience in Dark City!) Experience the challenge of Room Escape 13: Dark City and test your intelligence limit! (Dark City) Game experience! In this issue, let’s bring you the strategy of “Room Escape 13: Dark City”, let’s take a look together.


1. Players will play as an adventurer searching for clues in the city.

2. The game features various interactive scenes, including various props such as food, water, and drugs.

3. Players can solve puzzles and obtain final rewards by collecting clues and items.

4. Each map in the game has different areas, each hiding different types of treasure chests or traps. Players can constantly try and find new routes to break through maze levels.

5. Each floor in the game is a dangerous place, and players need to utilize all available space to escape.


1. Every time you enter the game, it is an exciting and thrilling battle, so please make sure to prepare adequately before the battle.

2. Each area in the game contains various mechanisms and traps.

3. Players can adjust the positions of the mechanisms according to their needs in order to find the correct path.


1. If players accidentally fall into a deep pit, death may occur.

2. There are many hidden rooms in the game’s scenes, and players need to search carefully.

3. Players need to be cautious of avoiding monster attacks or building assaults, otherwise they will be attacked.

Experience the Exciting and Thrilling Escape Game in Dark City!

“Dark City” is a magical adventure-themed action escape game, and this game is one of the works in the Dark Journey series.

In this game, you will play as a warrior imprisoned underground, embarking on a journey to save the fate of this world. But at the same time, you will also encounter various enemies. You need to utilize your own abilities to find and defeat these powerful demons. Of course, you can also choose to fight alone or challenge the levels by yourself!

Players will play as an undead wizard, surviving from a dungeon, constantly fighting against other undead creatures, and finally escaping from this terrifying castle.

Game Features

1. Free exploration gameplay: Players can explore the undergrounds of various areas and monster camps, obtain props by killing monsters, and craft equipment by collecting materials.

2. Puzzle challenges: Players can unlock new map scenes and solve secret mechanisms through exploration.

3. Multiplayer cooperative mode: Team up with friends to complete missions together and obtain rare weapon rewards.

4. Random teleportation: Players can freely switch maps for teleportation, but can only teleport to specific locations.

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