Layer1 Public Chain Sui Network’s Builder House Vietnam Station Winners

Layer1 Public Chain Sui Network’s Builder House Vietnam Station Winners

On March 20th, Layer1 Public Chain Sui Network announced that the winning team of Builder House Vietnam Station, Mynft team in the multi chain NFT market won the first place, Typus Finance team won the second place, and Scallop and ComingChat team in the SocialFi application won the third place. It is reported that SuiBuilder Houses provides opportunities to meet and collaborate with global Sui builders. In 2023, Sui plans to hold Builder Houses in 12 places, with Vietnam as the second stop. The next stop will be held in Hong Kong from April 14 to April 16.

Sui announces the winning team of Builder House Vietnam

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Layer1 Public Chain Sui Network has announced the winners of its Builder House Vietnam Station. The blockchain startup company aims to create a decentralized future for the internet through a public chain that emphasizes security, scalability, and usability. As part of its vision, it holds a series of Builder Houses to encourage collaboration among different developers and give them a platform to showcase their projects.

The Mynft team won the first place in the multi-chain NFT market, which has grown in popularity in recent years for its unique and authentic digital assets. NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are traded on blockchain platforms and represent ownership of specific digital assets. Builder House Vietnam Station provided an excellent opportunity for the Mynft team to showcase their work to both global and local Sui builders.

Typus Finance team won the second place, followed by Scallop and ComingChat team in the SocialFi application taking the third place. Typus Finance focuses on creating innovative finance solutions for users in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Scallop and ComingChat team, on the other hand, worked on creating SocialFi applications, which leverage social networks for peer-to-peer transactions.

The Builder House Vietnam Station is part of Sui’s plan to hold similar events across twelve locations worldwide by 2023, with Vietnam being the second stop after New York. This event provides a unique opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, interact with other developers, and increase their knowledge in the blockchain industry.

On April 14th-16th, Builder House will move to its next destination: Hong Kong. This event will provide a similar platform for developers in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia to showcase their ideas and connect with the global blockchain community.

In conclusion, the announcement of the winners of the Builder House Vietnam Station reflects the growing popularity of blockchain technology and the increasing focus on collaboration among developers in the industry. The winners’ projects also highlight the diverse applications of blockchain technology beyond finance and provide a glimpse into the future of the internet.

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